Premium hand care with decades of experience

Made with the purest ingredients and luxurious oils, our smartly curated formulations naturally enhance the skin and please the senses. Developed in collaboration with a renowned German cosmetics lab with three decades of experience and more than 350 patents. All products are created with an extra portion of regenerating and nourishing Cacay oil and a wise blend of essential oils. 
100% Made in Germany.

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A selection of our hand care products

Innovative and highly curated formulations to spoil your hands. Sophisticated natural scent profiles will please your senses.

Uplifting Hand Cream

Skin-regenerating for very dry hands with 5% cacay oil and magnolia extract

This luxurious, readily absorbed concentrated cream effectively rejuvenates and hydrates your skin, leaving it fresh and soft thanks to cacay oil, a premium and sustainably grown ingredient for intense moisture, firmness and skin-regeneration. Magnolia extract and meadow foam oil provide for a silky and smooth finish, while rice starch and fermented argan oil guarantee ultra-fast absorption with a long-lasting effect. The scent of essential rosemary mint oils and a touch of orange peel is refreshing and reduces stress.

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Energizing Hand Cream

Ultra-fast absorbing and skin softening with a light formula

This energizing hand cream is one of Plainly’s most sought-after products. A light, skin-softening formula contains carefully selected premium ingredients, including organic cacay oil for intense moisture and firmness, magnolia bark extract to reduce redness and soothe the skin and fermented argan oil for quick absorption and non-greasy feel. An energizing touch of orange peel for everyday use.

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Non-Greasy Hand Cream for Men

Light and ultra-fast absorbing. Developed for men

This non-greasy hand cream for men is a perfect companion for your hands. Specifically developed for men with a lightweight and non-greasy formula and carefully selected premium ingredients, including organic cacay oil for intense moisture and firmness, skin-soothing licorice extract and fermented argan oil for quick absorption and non-greasy feel. Refreshing spicy ginger and lime for everyday use.

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Energizing Hand and Body Wash

Skin softening and moisturizing formula for sensitive skin

This delicate hand and body wash is a natural mood-lifter with an unpolluted soul! Enriched with ultra-nourishing cacay oil, it gently cleans and refreshes your skin, while leaving it soft with a wonderful hand-cream feel. Glycoside-based refatting agent and Jojoba esters improve the skin condition by over 75% vs. untreated skin. Its soothing and moisturizing formula is ideal for sensitive skin. A fresh combination of essential mandarin and lemongrass oils prepare a feast for the senses.

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Biodegradable Dish Wash

Fat dissolving formula for sensitive skin

This biodegradable dish wash with nourishing cacay oil provides valuable moisture for the hands and makes the dishes shine. The powerful formula is fat dissolving, skin compatible and vitalizes the senses with a touch of citrus scents. An optimized surfactant system consisting of Acetate based and sugar surfactants cleans thoroughly and is gentle to the hands. Good for your dishes, your skin and the planet!

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