Honest care.
Conscious and clean.
Premium natural beauty – for people who care.

100% Made in Germany. 

Honest care.
Conscious and clean.

Premium natural beauty – for people who care.

Honest care.
Conscious and clean.

Premium natural beauty – for people who care.

Everything you need,
nothing you don't.
Plainly offers natural beauty and personal care with carefully selected organic ingredients. Our packaging concept is designed to avoid the use of plastic as much as possible. We want to create products that not only are better, but are made better for people who grew out of logos and brands.

"We founded Plainly to prove that it's possible to create premium beauty products in a truly sustainable way."


Our products are made with 100% certified vegan ingredients.

Skin Friendly

Dermatologist-tested with very good skin compatibililty.

No Animal Cruelty

Our products are tested on people, not on animals.


Our products are made from organic ingredients.


Our packaging is designed to avoid the use of plastic.

Its positively powerful formula gently cleans your hands and puts an instant smile on your face.

Our delicate liquid hand soap is a natural mood-lifter with an unpolluted soul! Enriched with ultra-nourishing Cacay oil, meadow foam herb oil, magnolia extract and rice starch, it gently cleanses skin leaving it soft and refreshed, with a wonderful hand-cream feel. Its soothing, moisturizing formula with fermented oils is ideal for sensitive skins. A fresh combination of mandarin, lemongrass and orange essential oil leaves a scent that’s a feast for the senses.

An instant happiness booster sparked by a zesty touch of orange peel.

Keep freshness at hand! This gently nourishing hand cream leaves your skin soft and hydrated thanks to Cacay oil, a premium and sustainably grown active ingredient for intense moisture and firmness. We’ve prepared a deeply nourishing, honest combination of wild-crafted ingredients to please your skin and your senses, with meadow foam herb oil for a silky and smooth finish, magnolia extract, rice starch and fermented Argan oil for quick absorption with a long-lasting effect. This non-greasy formula leaves nothing but good vibes and an uplifting rosemary mint scent behind, with just a humble touch of orange peel!

An energizing touch of orange peel for everyday use.

Our Energizing Hand Cream is one of Plainly’s most sought-after products. A light, skin-softening, deeply nourishing formulation contains carefully selected premium ingredients, including premium, organic cacay oil for intense moisture and firmness, magnolia bark extract to reduce redness and soothe the skin and fermented argan oil for quick absorption and non-greasy feel. This luxurious, readily absorbed cream effectively softens and hydrates your skin, leaving it fresh and rejuvenated.

Reconciles you with any pile of dishes. At home or in the woods.

Our washing-up liquid is bliss in the shape of a dish detergent. We’ve used the same organic ingredients of our body care line – Cacay oil, meadow foam herb oil, magnolia extract, rice starch and fermented oils – combined in a potent formula that’s tough on grease and kind to your skin, living it moisturized, with just a hint of energizing citrus scents. Good for your dishes, your skin, and the planet!
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