250 ml

Energizing Hand and Body Wash

Skin softening and moisturizing formula for sensitive skin

This delicate hand and body wash is a natural mood-lifter with an unpolluted soul! Enriched with ultra-nourishing cacay oil, it gently cleans and refreshes your skin, while leaving it soft with a wonderful hand-cream feel. Glycoside-based refatting agent and Jojoba esters improve the skin condition by over 75% vs. untreated skin. Its soothing and moisturizing formula is ideal for sensitive skin. A fresh combination of essential mandarin and lemongrass oils prepare a feast for the senses.


Mandarin Lemongrass

Key Ingredients

Cacay oil, jojoba esters, mild amino acids and sugar-based surfactants

Energizing Hand and Body Wash


How to use

Apply directly onto your hands or body and massage over wet skin. Rinse thoroughly. To keep your skin naturally soft and hydrated, we recommend following cleansing with your favorite Plainly hand cream.

Single pump
Orange, low-foaming gel
Clean Beauty
This hand wash consists of at least 97% naturally derived and organic ingredients. Dermatologist-tested. It is free from silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, sulfates, PEGs, microplastics and are vegan and cruelty-free.
Sustainable packaging
This product comes in a reusable and recyclable glass bottles. Our labels are printed on stone paper, a tree-free paper alternative and the outer packaging is made from recycled paper.
Our formulations
Our proprietary formulations are simple, yet highly curated. We use carefully selected premium ingredients, based on the latest research. Every ingredient is there for a reason with the precise concentration to enhance the natural functions of the skin.
Our scent concept
Our natural scent of Mandarin Lemongrass is derived from organic essential oils and built with the traditional fragrance pyramid of a base, middle and top note. It took us over a year of formulating with a Swiss perfumer to achieve natural scents that meet the expectations of a fine fragrance and become addictive to our customers.