250 ml

Biodegradable Dish Wash

Fat dissolving formula for sensitive skin

This biodegradable dish wash with nourishing cacay oil provides valuable moisture for the hands and makes the dishes shine. The powerful formula is fat dissolving, skin compatible and vitalizes the senses with a touch of citrus scents. An optimized surfactant system consisting of Acetate based and sugar surfactants cleans thoroughly and is gentle to the hands. Good for your dishes, your skin and the planet!


Mandarin Lemongrass

Key Ingredients

Cacay oil, mild acetate based and sugar surfactants, organic orange oil


5-15% Anionic tensides. Further ingredients: Perfume (essential orange oil and limonene), Cacay oil.

Plainly Biodegradable Dish Wash Front Bottle


How to use

Add one or two pumps of our biodegradable dish wash to your sponge. Use in warm water for hand washing only.

One or two pumps
Orange, low-foaming gel