Plainly philosophy​

Our aim is to create the best product, causing no unnecessary harm, protecting nature and inspiring others to fight for our planet through responsible innovation.

Plainly philosophy

Our aim is to create the best product, causing no unnecessary harm, protecting nature and inspiring others to fight for our planet through responsible innovation.

Redefining standards 
in a meaningful way
We created Plainly to redefine the standards of the premium beauty industry. We want to prove that it’s possible to create premium beauty products in a truly sustainable way, with minimum impact on the environment and full transparency for our customers. We want to create products that not only are better, but are made better – for people who grew out of logos and brands.

"We believe you should never sacrifice beauty for sustainability – the two should go hand in hand."

The Plainly idea
of Conscious Living
Conscious living is about doing more, with less. It’s about handpicking the best organic products and knowing where they come from. It’s about choosing glass over plastic, using recycled paper and labels and finding responsible refill solutions. It’s about taking from nature and giving back, with love and respect. It’s about feeling good and doing better. It’s for people who care. Plainly put, that’s us. 
How our story began

Founded in Munich in 2018, Plainly is a truly sustainable brand for premium beauty and personal care products. Our goal is to offer honest and conscious beauty products while focusing on sustainability in a serious way.

This is how our story began: not happy with the superficial sustainability that seems to thrive everywhere, we wanted to do more and go all the way. We started by searching for plastic-free beauty products, but did not know where to turn. While we could find premium and organic personal care products, we could not really find plastic-free alternatives – most products were offered in recycled plastic packaging, and that was it. There was still a long way to go. And when we couldn’t find what we wanted, we had to make it. The idea for Plainly was born: Honest Care. Conscious and Clean.

We have spent over 1.5 years finding the right local partners to develop our products and our packaging concept. We made every decision with the highest regard for the ingredients that go into our products. All of Plainly products are made in Germany – starting from our own custom formulations to our innovative packaging concept with matt glass bottles, eco-friendly labels and recycled paper. There were many obstacles along the way such as offering a hand cream in a glass bottle (instead of a plastic tube) or finding a supplier for eco-friendly labels. We didn’t give up and are proud of what we have achieved so far. But, we also had to learn during our development process, that although the beauty industry and its suppliers are talking about sustainability, they are still in the very early stages of development. We are committed to keep searching for even more sustainable solutions and strong partnerships to help us achieve our mission.

"From raw materials to packaging and design, our mission is to protect natural resources, reduce single-use plastic and inspire change within the industry and beyond."

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