220 ml

Luxury Scented Porcelain Candle


Mandarin Lemongrass

Mandarin Lemongrass

Sophisticated design meets artisanal skill: a Munich-crafted luxury scented porcelain candle.

A handcrafted, thin-walled scented porcelain candle. Transparent glazed inside and silky matte polished outside. Infused with our sophisticated scent profiles, each candle offers an elevated sensory experience. Available in an elegant natural white. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Made in Munich.

Key Ingredients

100 % Natural Soy Wax, Parfum*, Cotton Wick * from organic essential oils


How to use

On first use, burn candle until the entire surface melts. Subsequently, ensure wick is trimmed to a maximum length of 5 mm, to help prevent smoke and residue. If necessary, re-centre wick with care after extinguishing the flame—while wax remains molten.

Up to 50 hours for a lasting sensory experience
Hand-poured, creamy, slow-melting wax.
Clean Beauty
Our commitment to clean beauty is manifested in every aspect of this luxurious candle. Crafted with eco-friendly soy wax and a clean-burning cotton wick, its fragrance is composed entirely of natural essential oils. Housed in a handmade porcelain vessel, this candle is vegan, cruelty-free, and free from synthetic fragrances and dyes, offering you a pure and elevated sensory experience.
Our scent concept
Our Scent Concept transcends mere fragrance to offer a curated sensory journey. Utilizing pure essential oils, our candles are available in two sophisticated scent profiles: Mandarin Lemongrass for an uplifting, zesty ambiance, and Clarysage Lavender for a calming, herbal experience. Each aroma has been meticulously developed to create not just a scent, but an atmosphere, enveloping you in a nuanced world of fragrance that engages and elevates the senses.