5 ml

Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oil


Clary Sage Lavender

Clary Sage Lavender

A pocket-sized escape to tranquility and relaxation.

Stress Relief is a pocket-sized haven of relaxation and instant comfort. This botanical aromatherapy oil opens with the fresh scent of Virginia Cedar and sets the stage for a serene escape. The heart note harmonizes citrus and Clary Sage oil, providing a calming embrace, while the soothing touch of Lavender concludes this sensory experience. Crafted exclusively and first showcased at Monocle Quality of Life Conference 2023, Munich.

Key Ingredients

Sweet Almond Oil, Parfum


How to use

Perfect for application on wrists and neck

Roll on as desired.
Fast-absorbing aromatherapy oil.
Clean Beauty
This luxurious aromatherapy oil consists of at least 99% naturally derived and organic ingredients. It is free from silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, sulfates, PEGs, microplastics and are vegan and cruelty-free.
Award-winning packaging
Wrapped in our elegant, award-winning design, created in collaboration with Winkreative, Monocle‘s sister company, every Plainly product not only cares for your skin but brings a touch of refined elegance to your daily routine. This product comes in a glass bottle with enhanced grip and is sized to fit comfortably in the hand. The design is screen-printed rather than using a label, adding to comfort and reducing wear.
Our formulations
We have taken several years to perfect our unique formulations. We uncompromisingly invest in the purest, most innovative ingredients and materials and take the time to research, create and refine our products. Our science- based and highly curated formulations satisfy the distinctive needs of every hand type by combining carefully selected premium ingredients with innovative research.
Our scent concept
Our natural scent of Clary Sage Lavender is derived from organic essential oils and built with the traditional fragrance pyramid of a base, middle and top note. It took us over a year of formulating with a Swiss perfumer to achieve natural scents that meet the expectations of a fine fragrance and become addictive to our customers.